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Variant Management System



  • As the products are becoming customized or more customer oriented, it leads to increase in no. of variants. To win market competition managing components is becoming increasingly difficult. Manufacturers have to manage assembly lines , features for customized products which is resulting in increased errors, delays in meeting customer requests and extensive rework.

Every manufacturing unit manages variants, it can be with the help of :

  1. Excel Sheets.
  2. Manually.
  • It result in long working hours, there can be errors, variant may get interchange with other design which hampers the quality of the final product. It is also cost consuming task.
  • Thus, the main challenge was to arrange multiple variants of production of various products on a single assembly line.
  • While production , wrong components were coming on assembly line, which was creating faults in the specification of desired product.


  • We have offered our Variant Management Solution , through which the software will enable to keep the check on production with its correct components.
  • This is done when barcode is scanned and matched with the RFID tag. In this the comparison is made via Plan v/s Actual.

Variant Management Solution

Why Variant Management?

  • To preside over the power of reuse, reduce errors and delays and increase productivity.
  • Through this manufacturers need to define product BOM and manage the variable in one structure rather than having individual structure.
  • Our VM Tool ( name of the software , designed by Reckers) enables one to save the variants in one structure called ‘LlBRARY’ which in current case can save upto 5000 metrics.
Variant Management Services

Advantages for the same are as follows:

  1. Plan vs Actual can be easily checked and verified.
  2. It helps to reduce the Rework.
  3. Options for each BOM is ready with the operator and can be checked also with the help of Tool.


Firstly the data is saved in the ‘Library’ , which is build during development. It consist of the specification as per the design of the product. The Library fetches the data either through ERP or manually prepared reports. Library can save upto 5000 metrics.

Variant Management Solution

This is how PLAN reaches the Software(Library).

There are various steps in implementation of VMS . The steps are as follows:

  1. Order in a sequence
  2. Appropriate Information to concerned Individual
  3. Comparing Plan v/s Actual
  • When the Production Plan is prepared , the information is fed to ERP. The same Is fetched in Library, which is build during development of VM Tool.
  • When the component comes on assembly line , the signal is transmitted to VM Tool , the matrics related to the product comes on the screen,if it qualifies then marked as OK. Plan vs Actual is checked.
  • The barcode is placed on each component of the machine which is scanned and matched with the pre defined specification. ( present in the Library).
  • The RFID tag is placed on each fixture which carries the unique identifier is related to the machine.
  • Component assembly takes place on one assembly line and engine assembly takes place on another assembly line. Further, both the components are combined to form a final desired product, which is on each stage qualified with Plan v/s Actual.

Variant Management


The benefit Variant Management system is to stop the Rework procedure which was time and cost consuming. Generally , customization can no longer be transferred to the customer , therefore, the impetus of these losses comes on manufacturer.


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