Reckers Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd.

Reckers Mechatronics have capabilities ranging from Automating machines to process of any scale including motion and robotics applications, Test and Measurement Rigs to Data Acquition in wired to remote form, Mechatronics and poka yoke applications for any industry , Calculating Machines and Line OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) , Networking Different Processors on a common platform and displaying the desired entities in SCADA form , PC based applications with Embedded I/Os.

Why Reckers Mechatronics???

  • Reckers Mechatronics is an equal opportunity employer , the only requirement is will to exceed.
  • Reckers Mechatronics is a playground that gives its employees an instant sense of belonging, motivating them to make a difference in a big way.
  • Reckers Mechatronics fosters professional growth and provides a fertile ground for learning the latest in technology.
  • Most employees here rate Reckers Mechatronics highly because of the trust and mutual bonding they share with their colleagues and seniors. The Management genuinely cares about their people and nurture their innate potential.


Chandigarh and Faridabad 3 - 5 yrs Experience Salary : NegotiablePost : 1

  • Should be well versed in automation system Logic development, troubleshooting and understanding customer requirement.
  • Good communication and PPT presentation skills required.
  • Client handling ability as a representative of the organization.
  • Should have the knowledge to installation of Rockwell or PLC related software.
  • Knowledge of IOT, SQL, MES
  • Commissioning of Automation Projects comprising Allen Bradley PLC, SCADA, Servo, AC Drive and field Instrumentations.
  • Application study and building technical scheme.
  • Project Coordination and documentation.
  • Understanding of electrical, control drawings
  • Ability of support from remote projects by web access.
  • Having tendency to graduate juniors for overall growth of the organization.

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