“We have developed a system using 2 Nos. of Micro Logix 1400 PLC (Allen Bradley) & One SLC 5/05 hardware & PLC (RS Logix 500) & SCADA (Factory Talk View SE) software. System is highly rugged, flexible & cost effective.”


To develop a system for data monitoring from Governor, Protection Relays, Energy Meters. That has been achieved very well by our existing PLC based system.


Developed a highly rugged, flexible & cost effective. Read the data from Governor, Protection Relay, Energy Meters on Modbus network on 3 PLC’s & all the PLC’s are inter-connect on Ethernet Network.

Also develop the 14 SCADA display.

What is Governor?

Governor is commonly used to control the Turbine unit. Hydro turbine governor is one of the important auxiliary equipment’s in a hydroelectric generating set, a general term that describes one or more devices consist of realizing adaptive water-turbine and responsive control mechanism and indicators

What is Protection Relay?

A protective relay is a relay, the principal function of which is to protect service from interruption or to prevent or limit damage to apparatus. In electrical engineering, a protective relay is a device designed to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected

System Configuration

The system, which we created for HYDRO TURBINE CONTROLING consist of Compact Logix Series for feedback and controlling , One Micrologix 1400 used for Reading the Temp. data & Governor-1 Data & Second Microlox 1400 used for reading the Governor-2 Data,4- Multi Function Energy Meters,2- Protection Relays & others logic. SCADA System was developed to have data logging , controlling and visualizing all important and desirable parameters at a glance.

System Implementation

  • We implemented the entire system within 10 man-days. User friendly Allen Bradley software &
  • Hardware helped us to complete system in such short time.
  • Our new test system based on AB hardware’s and RS LOGIX 5000 software is highly flexible, rugged, and cost-effective.


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