Solutions to Industry Challenges

Industry Solutions

Solutions to Industry Challenges

Reckers Mechatronics is a Industrial Automation Service Provider company. We are providing various solutions, few of them are:

  1. Industrial Automation
  2. Smart Productive System Solution
  3. Data Acquisitions Solutions (OEE / ENDON)
  4. M2M Interfacing
  5. Connected Enterprise Networking
  6. Intelligent Safety Solution
  7. Condition Monitoring Solutions
  8. Remote Access Solutions – Cloud Based
  9. Handshaking capability with ERP.
  10. Mechatronic Applications
  11. Robotic Solutions and many more….

We have successfully delivered solutions against some Industrial challenges like:

  1. Security or Manipulation
  2. Comparative Reports
  3. Man Management
  4. Technology Integration
  5. Data Islands



Challenge : 

Manual Intervention in Reports , duplicate signatures, manipulation of data

Solution Provided:

Meet Industry compliance for e.g 21 CFR Part11, Privatization of data, Real time report.



Difficult in tracing faults, difficult product back tracing

Solution Provided:

We provided digitization of equipment which lead to Real time TAG accessing and have diagnosing feature.

Also, we can provide Real time data from multiple locations.



The challenge is to meet the expected no. in manufacturing. Also, machine management is one of the challenge for achieving the target.

Solution Provided:

We properly utilized the available equipment and did planning at SCADA level.




Manual data logging, synchronization of data, conventional method of OEE Calculation is one of the biggest challenges.

Solution Provided:

We basically enhance OEE by providing digital solution, controlling the performance of machine, monitoring of availability in Real Time.



The real causes of LINESTOP can be classification of Production stop, downtime, manual intervention etc.

Solution Provided:

We installed ANDON System through which we had work station information, operator become responsible for information.

It also makes the intimation to the concerned person during LINE OFF.


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