Leveraging the power of Digitization and Connectivity


Leveraging the power of Digitization and Connectivity

Throughout the old golden days the Factory Floor is being assumed as a place with lots of machines, raw materials, man power, reports etc.

The manufacturing industries use manual reporting system to check the output product report, to check the working efficiency of the machine, to check the downtime and to check the working of process of manufacturing. Since the manual reports utilize the manpower, manipulation may take place, manual intervention can be there, no real time data is available. To overcome these challenges digitization  come into the picture.


Digitization means collection of data from non-intelligent machines irrespective of their makes, protocols over the common platform so that each machine on the shop floor can share the required data to another machine.

Thus, digitization helps in increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process , which in return increases the productivity and makes the manufacturing unit cost effective too.

Thus , in recent times the Factory Floor are connected into more equipped with automation and new technologies which are more focused on quality and efficiency.

The Factory floors now have clarity, speed, more efficient, cost effective, more productive, Real Time Data and all this with minimal downtime. It has now become supercharged with Automation, Industry 4.0, OEE , IIOT.



The thing which leads the whole process is digitization and connectivity.

It leads towards the interconnected manufacturing , less downtime and more cost effective and efficient manufacturing times.




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