Industrial Digitization


Industrial Digitization

Industrial Digitization is basically getting the information and process networks converge across internal departments of the organization and geographical boundaries. The digitization may affect various aspects like new consumption patterns and information processes.On one side, digitization comes with a question of how the principles of Industry 4.0 or can say how the use of technology can help us to increase the efficiency, quality of production/ manufacturing. Also how it will help to increase the safety of processes and structures.The digital factory or smart factory plays a lead role in this. The global digitized networks are created around the smart factory through the use of consistent assistance systems, comprehensive adaptive systems and data technologies. This allows highly flexible and efficient manufacturing up to economic manufacture of individual item. This mainly helps engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management and custom management.On the other side, the goal of industrial digitization is developing smart products and services to exploit the potential IOT for revenue and new applications/ developments.Thus, smart products perform autonomous tasks by exploiting integrated connectivity, sensors and computing capacities, coordinating centrally and decentralize via cloud platforms and adapt to changing environmental conditions and tasks.

Also, smart products from the basis for the development of services which is known as predictive maintenance.

Industrial digitization thus means the introduction of new innovation, work organizational principles in supply chain of the manufacturing industry and their integration with lean principles.

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