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Performance Monitoring

There are different ways of performance monitoring; it can be of a machine or a line in a plant. One standard measure is measuring the OEE.

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, it can be calculated as:

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality


Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Industries:

Here are few challenges faced by manufacturing industries during production in a Plant:

  1. Different Information required by departments.
  2. Small Units of Information which is to be gathered.
  3. Manual Logging and Reporting.

 1. Different Information required by departments:

In a manufacturing Industry there is different information required by persons handling different departments. For instance: During production of a product in Industry, Plant Manager wants to know the new Order Capacity ; Operations department want to know how the process is going against the plan etc.

2. Small Units of Information to be gathered:

There is information available with each department and to take a decision it is required to gather all the relevant information

3. Manual Logging and Reporting:

Usually in manufacturing Industries, the information is collected from different departments in Log sheets form and then is compiled to form reports.

Flaws of Manual System:

  1. The data is compiled and then reported. Thus, it is not Real Time data.
  2. Data collection and reporting is tedious and time consuming, can be inaccurate.
  3. Data can be manipulated.
  4. Requires a lot of productive time.

Role of OEE with help of Rockwell Automation Software:

There is software called Factory Talk Metrics which is connected to the data sources in different sections of a plant. It picks up relevant data and then represents in the form of reports, which can be viewed in Real Time through web, i.e. online.

Thus, information can be provided to different stake holders for their analysis and thus timely decision.


Here are few benefits of OEE:

  1. We can track the performance of earlier shifts too.
  2. Multiple operations and multiple products can be produced on the same line.
  3. We can get important insights on How to systematically improve manufacturing process.


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