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Free-Stand Single and Dual Access with 3-Point Latches, Type 4X

  • Three-point latching and sealing provide industry-leading protection from dust, dirt, oil and water.
  • These enclosures are used in machine tool applications for housing motor starters, drives, contactors and PLCs, as well as a wide variety of other electrical and electronic equipment.
  • These enclosures are used extensively in automotive, pulp and paper, wood products, textile and similar industries.
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  • Aesthetic styling, flush latches and an attractive, stroked finish
  • INLINE Enclosures have an outward formed body flange to prevent contaminants from entering the enclosure
  • Available in three cover styles: hinged window door, hinged solid door and solid screw cover.
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Continuous-Hinge with Clamps, Type 4X

  • Used in either indoor or outdoor applications
  • These enclosures combine a rugged continuous hinge, seamless foam-in-place gasket and stainless steel screw-down clamps for a reliable seal that protects components from corrosive environments
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Two-Door with 3-Point Latches, Type 4X

  • These two-door enclosures provide industry-leading protection for large components or complex mounting configurations in highlycorrosive environments.
  • Three-point latching with the Hoffman POWERGLIDE padlocking handles and a foam-in-place gasket combine convenience with security.
  • They are well-suited for use in petrochemical plants; pulp and paper processing; water treatment facilities; and food, pharmaceutical and packaging applications.
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WATERSHED Free-Stand, Type 4X

  • The Hoffman WATERSHED stainless steel free-stand enclosure, with its unique design and Type 4X rating, is a perfect fit for mounting electrical or high-tech electronic equipment in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Its unique features are specifically designed for use in sanitary washdown production environments like food, beverage, or pharmaceutical processing.
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Hoffman WATERSHED, Type 4X

  • Specifically designed for use in sanitary washdown production environments, particularly food and beverage manufacturing.
  • Hoffman WATERSHED Enclosures feature a sloped top, sloped door edges, bullet-style hinges and additional unique features that facilitate washdown runoff.
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Continuous Hinge with Clamps, Type 4X

  • For use in indoor and outdoor corrosive environments that require a water-tight seal, this enclosure’s seamless foam-in-place gasket and screw-down clamps provide a secure seal against contaminants.
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CONCEPT with Additional Quarter-Turn Latches, Type 4X

  • For indoor or outdoor applications that require corrosion protection from chemicals and water, CONCEPT enclosures house larger controls and feature streamlined styling with an attractive stroked finish, flush quarter-turn latches and an integral door ramp that ensures the door gasket sealing surface aligns with the enclosure body for secure closure.
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Seismic Enclousres

  • Hoffman performance-tests its seismic products according to Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) GR-63-CORE Network Equipment
  • Building System (NEBSTM) requirements for physical protection.
  • These enclosures can also be manufactured to comply with all applicable national and international standards, such as the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Contact Telcordia, UBC and IEC for more information.

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ZONEX ATEX- and IECEX-Certified, Type 4X, Hinged Cover, Metric Size, US SPECIFIC

  • ZONEX Enclosures are designed and certified to meet ATEX Directive 94/9/EC as well as IECEx standards for increased safety in housing electrical components in Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications.
  • Hoffman’s ATEX Exe enclosures are not intended for use in explosion-proof or flame-proof applications.


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