IIOT refers to the Industrial system which connects machine, people, systems of an Industry. It helps to create a new prototype. IIOT is the basic concept for Industry4.0. It is not about connecting the device with individual users. IIOT is about creating a connectivity system between machines, users, data,inventory, processes etc.

This connectivity system is connected to cloud where data is saved and data analysis done for required reporting and analysis of data.

Data can be provided to multiple users from the cloud and when the analysed data is available with concerned persons they can take required preliminary actions for more efficient processes.

Following are few reasons to leverage IIOT solutions in the Industry:

1. It helps to make system sustainable:

Since the concerned persons get real time information, report analysis etc.,they can take preventive decisions much on time, which in turn will effect the sustainability of the system.

2. Improvement in Operations:

The information received help in changing the operations if required for better performance and high reliability.

3. Customer Satisfaction

When the process systems works smoothly and efficiently it leads to better productivity and thus gains customer satisfaction.

4. Maintenance- No issue

With the help of analysed data, one can do preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance helps to reduce the uncertain shut downs which had a huge impact on cost and production.

The Historical data is also helpful for preventive maintenance.

5. Remote Access:

To check the process data, reports, one need to be there in plant near the desktop. With the IIOT Application, one can check the information from anywhere through any device say mobile, tablet, laptop, the only thing required is user id and password of the required portal. This relates to time saving.

When the Industry works hand in hand with digitization, it brings to innovative changes in Industry which are Industry friendly as well as gains customer satisfaction.


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